Environmental Allergy Testing

What are environmental allergies?

Environmental allergies happen when your body has a reaction to a substance in your surrondings. Environmental allergies can be caused by physical contact with the substance or by inhaling the substance during everyday activity. 


Common environmental allergens include:


What are the symptoms of environmental allergies?


What is a skin test?

Skin testing exposes your skin to small amounts of allergy causing substances and can tell you environmental allergy triggers, such as pollen, dust mites,pets, and mold.


What happens during skin testing? 

Skin testing is usually done on the forearm. The area will be cleaned with alcohol wipes and mark the area where the testing will be done.

Then we use multiple plastic devies that each contain a different allergen to lightly scratch the top level of your skin. The scratching does not hurt or bleed.

Skin test results take 15 to 20 minutes, and you will need to avoid touching the testing area during that time.


What happens after patch testing?

If the test is positive, your skin at the patch site will be irritated. Based on the results your doctor will develop an allergy treatment plan for you. 



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